Someone told me they don’t have a SafetyPIN, does that mean they’re dangerous?

We strongly encourage you not to infer anything about someone who doesn’t have a SafetyPIN. In fact, here are just a few reasons why people might not have a SafetyPIN that don’t necessarily mean they are untrustworthy or dangerous:

1. They didn’t apply for one/don’t want to pay for one
2. They might not be a US citizen, and we currently only offer SafetyPINs to US citizens over the age of 18
3. They wanted one for online dating, and cancelled their subscription when they met their partner
4. They are very focused on privacy and don’t want to provide us with all of the information required for a SafetyPIN screening
5. As part of our algorithm, it does incorporate financial screening – some people don’t want to allow random checks of their financial histories

Will applying for a SafetyPIN impact my credit score?

Applying for a SafetyPIN will not affect your credit score as we only perform soft inquiries, not hard ones.

Can just anyone check to see if I have a SafetyPIN?

No. You’re in complete control of who can check your SafetyPIN. There is no way for someone to come to our site and search by your name or even your social security number. They have to have your personal SafetyPIN to confirm it. And you will be sent a confirmation email before anyone is granted access to ensure you gave them permission to query it.

Why didn’t I get a SafetyPIN?

There are a few reasons why you may not have received a SafetyPIN. The most common reason is that you did not meet the minimum qualifications for our criminal or financial surveys. It could also be that our behavioral screening questions indicated that you may pose a risk to others despite having a clean criminal history. Another reason may be that you tried to reapply for a SafetyPIN too soon after being previously denied. If you feel you were wrongfully denied a SafetyPIN, you can login here to submit an appeal.

What happens if I am denied a SafetyPIN?

If you are denied a SafetyPIN, you will receive an email to let you know of the decision. Other SafetyPIN users will never be alerted that you applied or have been denied a SafetyPIN. That being said, you will have to pay the application fee regardless of our decision to issue you a SafetyPIN.

What happens if I lose my SafetyPIN? Do you tell people why?

We make no comment about why or how somebody has lost their SafetyPIN. Other users will only be able to verify if you currently have a SafetyPIN and will never be able to tell if you have lost a SafetyPIN due to a criminal conviction or other reason.

What resources do you use for your background and credit checks?

We access over 10,000 different data sources as well as our proprietary behavioral screening methodology developed with law enforcement professionals.

Can I check someone else’s SafetyPIN if I don’t have my own SafetyPIN?

SafetyPIN subscribers can verify an unlimited number of SafetyPINs. Non-subscribers can verify one SafetyPIN per month for free.

Why do I need a SafetyPIN when the websites I use perform their own background checks on users?

While many websites perform their own types of background checks, they are not entirely transparent about what these checks involve, how often they re-check, or if they even perform them on 100% of users. SafetyPIN offers a layer of security that you are in complete control of and can fully trust. Additionally, SafetyPIN is the only service designed to protect users on BOTH sides of the transaction, using not only criminal and financial histories, but our proprietary behavioral screening. Can you ever be too safe?

You ask for a lot of personal information on the SafetyPIN application; how do I know this information will be kept safe?

We take our users’ safety very seriously, and we also strive to protect their personal data. We use the latest in encryption technology so your information is always secure and we never share or sell your information unless legally required to do so.

Why can’t I apply for a SafetyPIN if I’m under 18?

We take our users’ safety very seriously. As juvenile criminal records are sealed, we cannot conduct satisfactory checks on anyone under 18, In addition, there are other privacy and contract-related issues that prevent us from doing so.

Can you guarantee my safety if I choose to interact with someone who has a SafetyPIN?

No, we cannot guarantee anything. While we thoroughly screen all of our applicants by investigating criminal and financial histories – and have worked with world renowned profilers to try to identify behavioral concerns, there are many crimes and incidents that go unreported. Plus, every dog can have a first bite. Always exercise caution and use common sense when interacting with strangers.

Why can’t I get a SafetyPIN if I’m not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident?

Because of the different privacy rules and criminal standards in other countries, we do not currently have reliable enough sources of data to meet our high standards for awarding SafetyPINs to non-citizens/permanent residents.

Apply for a SafetyPIN.

A SafetyPIN is the best way to assure someone you met online that they can trust you in real life. By displaying a current SafetyPIN when booking jobs, home sharing, and more, you’re letting people know you care about their safety and peace of mind.

Verify a SafetyPIN.

Looking for a SafetyPIN is critical when taking any online meeting offline. But before you commit, go the extra mile and verify their SafetyPIN. By confirming their membership is in good standing, you’re letting them know trust is critical to you.