How it Works

SafetyPIN’s Universal Trust Badge…6 steps to maximum peace of mind



The entire SafetyPIN application process takes 5-7 minutes. Simply fill in your information, answer a few short questions, pay the $1 application fee, and hit “submit.” We’ll take care of the rest.


Behind the scenes.

After you apply, we run a detailed criminal and financial history, verify your ID, and score your answers to our proprietary behavioral algorithm. We never share any details of your personal history or any of your private information.


Check your email.

Most applications can be approved within 24 hours. (Unfortunately, some can take as long as a few weeks.) We’ll keep you posted on the status of your application and let you know as soon as you’re approved.


Post and Share.

Once you have your unique SafetyPIN badge, post it on your profile or your website, share it through messaging or email, and add it anywhere you want people to know they can trust you at a glance.


Stay Current.

Because we re-screen people regularly, your SafetyPIN trust badge is date- and time-stamped. Keeping your membership current lets people know you’re in good standing. Choose from monthly or annual options. And, of course, you may discontinue your membership at any time.


Want to verify a SafetyPIN?

Simply choose VERIFY from the menu and enter the SafetyPIN someone shared with you. You’ll be prompted to share a short note so they can give permission for you to verify their PIN.

How is it different than a regular background check?

Only SafetyPIN:

  • Rescreens people regularly – and revokes their PIN if they no longer meet our requirements
  • Uses a proprietary behavioral review – to eliminate people without criminal history that still raise red flags
  • Looks at the underlying psychology and patterns of behavior – to ensure maximum trust and safety
  • Goes beyond the standard background check. The standard check stops at the county line; the standard criminal doesn’t.
  • Protects your private information. So you can let someone know they can trust you – without sharing your personal information or private history with a stranger.
Apply for a SafetyPIN.

A SafetyPIN is the best way to assure someone you met online that they can trust you in real life. By displaying a current SafetyPIN when booking jobs, home sharing, and more, you’re letting people know you care about their safety and peace of mind.

Verify a SafetyPIN.

Looking for a SafetyPIN is critical when taking any online meeting offline. But before you commit, go the extra mile and verify their SafetyPIN. By confirming their membership is in good standing, you’re letting them know trust is critical to you.